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By Koji Posted in Randomly on June 29, 2021 One Comment 1 min read
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Years ago, I started a blog, which was called itwusnme (it wasn’t me). It had hundreds of entries that spanned a dozen years, documenting my life between 2005 and 2017. Topics covered my journey of becoming a classroom teacher, adopting my first cat, and all the way to becoming a school administrator.

It has since vanished from existence.

Actually, after a few years of not publishing anything, I made the difficult choice of taking the site down and redirected resources to other projects. In those “gap years,” I have taken up other business ventures, moved from being a school administrator to being a state office administrator, and explored other flights of fancy.

It wasn’t until most recently when I have decided to grow up and do something with my life, that I decided to go back to my passion, what I think about every morning when I wake up: writing. But it has been so many years since I sat down to write and so many years of having the misconception that I could only write one thing, that now that I want to do this, I feel like I have lost my voice.

And so here we are. Finding Koji.

This blog and the accompanying Instagram account by the same name are here to help me find my voice, hold me accountable to write every day, and force me to engage with my world in new, meaningful ways. And hopefully, at the end of this thing, I will have figured it out.

Or maybe not.


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