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2022: A Year of Celebration.

My resolution for the new year.

Happy New Year! I am declaring this year my year to celebrate more. Since the start of the pandemic, I haven’t had much enthusiasm to do any celebrating, even for the more common ones such as birthdays and other life milestones. But for the past few months now, I have found that it is important […]

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Year In Review: 2021, a variant of 2020.

Hope. Anxiety. Depression. Confusion. These are just some of the words I would use to describe my experience of the past year, which, to be honest, are the same words I would have used to describe 2020. But there were a few differences from the start of the pandemic, which made this year marginally better […]

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In a little while.

On my way to Vegas.

It’s almost here and I can already hear the Keno machines whispering, “Vacation!” Just 48 more hours and Mike and I will be on a plane to Vegas. I’m super excited, exhausted, and ready to get away, even for a short while. This trip will be a little different than trips of the past, including […]

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Losing a pet is losing a family member. It’s not easier. It’s just as significant. And the feelings don’t go away any faster. Today I am remembering Seuss. Seuss is my first cat. He was only a few months old when I adopted him from the Hawaiian Humane Society back in 2006. He was also […]

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What's this about?

Years ago, I started a blog, which was called itwusnme (it wasn’t me). It had hundreds of entries that spanned a dozen years, documenting my life between 2005 and 2017. Topics covered my journey of becoming a classroom teacher, adopting my first cat, and all the way to becoming a school administrator. It has since […]

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Being reliable.

Seth Godin recently wrote on his blog, “The thing that made you busy might have been the reputation you earned for being reliable.” This caught my attention. I find this to be true all around me every day. We ask for favors from those we know will get it done. And when we discover that […]

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Sumi was an extraordinary cat. She taught me how to play fetch. She was Seuss’s best friend and mommy to Peaches. She was very affectionate towards me. And she could purr her way into everyone’s heart. It has been one year, and I still miss her. The following is my remembrance from last year on […]

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It’s all I can think about lately. As the country begins to open up and signs of a post-pandemic life begin to surface, I am craving for a vacation away from home. But it won’t be for a while before I brave the friendly skies again. Our next trip is scheduled for December of this […]

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Perfect weekends.

My ideal weekend has no plans. No set time to wake up. No set time to be in bed by. No scheduled meetings or outings. Nothing. No restrictions. Do whatever I want. Or to do nothing at all. Binge-watch Netflix. Take a nap after breakfast. Skip breakfast entirely and sleep in. Be lazy with the […]

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Take a memo.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email informing me that from now on, we are to stop using the word memo and use memorandum instead. I kid you not. So, of course, I immediately wrote back asking for further clarification: to pluralize, should we use memoranda or memorandums? On average days, I go […]

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